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I'm a newspaper editor, married with kitty -- the Honorable Sen. Noogs, I-Va. (pictured)


1) Went to Virginia Tech, graduated in 2004
2) Degrees in English aren't as useless as you'd think
3)While I like burning my garbage, I got tired of being a civil servant and went into newspapering
4) Now an assistant managing editor at a paper located in D.C.
5) Married another assistant managing editor, because how else are you going to build the army?
6) No kids, but only because we don't have closets big enough to put them in
7) Why own when you can have someone do the yard for free?
8) 1,000 CDs and counting ...


Making jewelry, torturing my husband and cat, buying books, going to movies, and talking about how I have more books than I can ever read